Presentation Prep for Beginners

If you or your child are preparing for a presentation, I hope these tips help. Contact me for a practice session.

A corny suggestion for those worried about a presentation was to imagine your audience was naked. How that image would relax a child or anyone trying to establish a conversational connection is a mystery to me.

How to be comfortable in your presentation? Know your material. Practice it in front of the mirror and record it into a phone. Listen to it yourself and change what you don’t like. Record it in your favorite superhero’s personality and voice. Then practice with someone you trust who doesn’t know the subject matter. Ask Aunt Jane over Skype if the descriptions were sufficiently clear, if the word picture was complete.

Talk about the content at the dinner table. Have folks ask questions about what you’ve said. See if that brings up other ideas to add or consider leaving out a part.

Then recognize that your associates or classmates are having the same thoughts you are so you can relax and enjoy the new experience.

Patricia M. Smith