About Patricia M.

Patricia M. enjoys the written and spoken word, beginning as a writer / editor for her high school and college papers, moving to Nashville’s TENNESSEAN. When the opening for a sports reporter opened she gamely stepped up to bat. Corporate employment followed with catalog writing and serving as a spokesperson in government service. Being called “The Voice” by church members steered her to pursue voice over opportunities.

Her mature voice of neutral accent can be warm and conversational or command attention for corporate training and announcements.

Without singing a note, I won the title of “The Voice” in a church parking lot from a 10-year-old! “Oh, are you reading today?” The charmer said he paid attention to the biblical message when I was behind the mike.

“Oh, are you reading today?” asked the senior member, Mary. “I can hear when you do the readings.”

“I heard a detailed description of the state’s housing programs on the radio today. I understood every word,” said friend Jeff.

With recommendations like these I invite you to contact me today with your script to see how I can positively promote your message.